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Kids by Dr.Martens

Dr. Martens Kids Crib Newborn 1460 Auburn Leather Booties

$39.95 CAD
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i = Infants (0-5 Years Old)
y = Youth (6-10 Years Old)

True Size

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Kids To Womens Conversion

To convert women's sizes to big kids (youth) sizes simply minus 1. If you are a 7 women's, you will fit a kids (youth) size 6.

Style Notes

This PU-coated subtle grain leather features a matte finish and is specially designed to be lightweight for kids’ shoes. The sole is stitched and cemented to the upper.

Size Notes:

Size 0/1 for ages 0-6 months

Size 2/3 for ages 6-12 months

Size 4/5 for ages 12-18 months